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Brush Collection
Brush Collection has been scheduled for 2018. Two collections will take place; one in the Spring and one in late summer. Brush shall include the pruning of trees, shrubs, bushes or vines, but exclude grass clippings, flowers, weeds, tree trunks, stumps, and leaves. If the excluded items are mixed with the brush, the material will not be collected. All brush must be piled neatly at the edge of the property and cannot be placed in any roadway or sidewalk. Brush should not exceed 4-6 feet in length, and should not be any larger than 6 inches in diameter. Brush should be kept a minimum of five (5) feet from utility boxes and other hazards. As a reminder for those residents who utilize a private contractor, the contractor is responsible for the removal of the brush from the property. Each street will be collected once. Township Code states "All brush shall be stored on a resident's property and shall not be placed at the roadside earlier than 10 days preceding the Monday of the scheduled collection week." Brush placed at the street for collection outside of these collection dates will not be collected. The schedule for brush collection is as follows:
Spring Collection
Zone 4: Week of April 2
Zone 3: Week of April 16
Zone 2: Week of April 30
Zone 1: Week of May 14
Zone 5: Week of May 29

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